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Georgia history, scenic attractions and Southern lifestyles
Welcome to Georgia Backroads magazine, a premier source for information on Georgia history, nature, travel ideas and genealogy. If you're interested in Georgia history, our natural environment, travel, or if you simply enjoy excellent writing and superb photography (with a minimum of advertising), you will love Georgia Backroads.  We're glad you're here and hope you'll enjoy browsing through samples of our articles.  Georgia Backroads - Everything Georgia!

Current Issue (Available through late May 2015)

Spring 2015Spring 2015
• He was Ours and We Lost Him
• Civil War Drum Returns Home

• Vanishing Georgia:  Crime & Punishment
• Bloodhounds on the Trail of the Mad Fox
• 1875 Killer Tornado

• Rotten from the Beginning
• Growing up in Brunswick in the '30s and '40s
• Mysteries of the Trustees' Garden

• From Fasola to Do Re Mi in Southern Song
• Mrs. Pope-Forester's Country Museum
• Collapse of the Witham Banking Empire
• Historic Rural Church - Van Wert Methodist
• Civil War Portrait - Drummer Thomas Wood
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Recent Issues  


Winter 2014 Winter 2014
• Women of the Jekyll Island Club
• Vanishing Ga. - Old Christmas

• Mad Dogs & Tooth Aches
• Chattahoochee Choo-Choo
• Battle of the Nash Farm

• 1946 Gunernatorial Mayhem
• Georgia's "Back of the Beyond"
Autumn 2014 Autumn 2014
• The Legacy of Smithonia
• Vanishing Ga. - Clinton

• The Freedman's Land Insurrection of 1875
• Ellen Axson Wilson
• Lost Flower of the Altamaha

• James "Paramount" Blount
• Porterdale - Historic Mill Village

Ssummer 2014Summer 2014
• Savannah's Wealthiest Slave
• Vanishing Ga. - Ode to Hwy 41

• The Execution of Lena Baker
• The Language of History
• Leather, Art & Legend in Buford

• Ga's Noah's Ark
• Making Music History in Macon
• Henry Beusse

Spring 2014Spring 2014
• JFK & the Ga. War Widow
• Vanishing Ga. - Mtn. Farming
• Historic Cabbagetown

• A Place Called Philomath
• Poet Robert Loveman
• The Myth of the Boll Weevil
• Fort McAllister
• The Right Brew in Senoia
Winter 2013 Winter 2013
• The Hero and the Ghost
• Vanishing Ga. - Rural Churches
• See Rock City! Barns

• Confederate Constitution
• Meeting Robert Frost
• House O' Dreams
• Poet & Warrior Nat Mangum
• Seabiscuit of Ga. Politics
Autumnr 2013 Autumn 2013
• Thunder at Chickamauga!
• Vanishing Ga. - Girl Scout Years

• High Water on the Bar
• A Small War in Waycross
• We are One People
• The Market that Sears Built
• Fugitive in Georgia!
• Doerun Pitcherplant Quest
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 Our Books

Traced with  Fire, Written in Blood is a brand-new book featuring stories of both famous and forgotten Georgians in the Civil War.  This Journal of Georgia Civil War History includes detailed accounts of notable Georgians like Robert Toombs and Alexander Stephens, along with little-known but riveting stories of the foot soldiers who served their state and country with steadfast determination.  You'll read about:
• A young Georgian who led his regiment into battle only to be court-martialed and dismissed from the Confederate Army;
• The one-legged veteran who defended his town when nobody else would;
• The Georgia belle who caught General Sherman's eye, and twenty years later, stayed his hand in war;
• A loyal and principled Confederate officer who met with President Abraham Lincoln to discuss Georgia withdrawing from the Confederacy.

Traced with Fire, Written in Blood is a 6" by 9" hardback book of more than 200 pages featuring more than 150 photographs, many never before published in book form.  $26.95 

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Sample Articles

VG Love and MarriageVanishing Georgia - Love & Marriage
At a time when society often fails to give the institution of marriage due respect, a delightful love story and memorable photos remind us of the significance of a lifelong commitment "to love and to cherish."
At One Moment in TimeAt One Moment in Time:  The Civil War Photograph Collection of David W. Vaughan
• A look at some of the remarkable images from a stunning collection of Georgia Civil War soldier photographs.
Children of the LoomChildren of the Loom
• At the dawn of a new century, children were put to work in Georgia's textile mills.  The story of child labor through the stunning photography of Lewis Wickes Hine.