Georgia history, scenic attractions and Southern lifestyles
Legacy Communications, publishers of Georgia Backroads magazine, has also published and offers for sale below an impressive line-up of books – both hard and soft-bound – with a focus on the history, scenic attractions and historic travel destinations in Georgia.

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Traced with Fire, Written in Blood
Hardback – $26.95
ISBN: 978-1-880816-22-6
Publisher: Legacy Communications
Traced with Fire, Written in Blood is a brand-new book featuring stories of both famous and forgotten Georgians in the Civil War.  This Journal of Georgia Civil War History includes fascinating accounts of notable Georgians like Robert Toombs and Alexander Stephens, along with little-known but riveting stories of the foot soldiers who served with steadfast determination.  You'll read about:
• A young Georgian who led his regiment into battle only to be court-martialed and dismissed from the Confederate Army;
• The one-legged veteran who defended his town when nobody else would;
• The Georgia belle who caught General Sherman's eye, and twenty years later, stayed his hand in war;
• A loyal principled former Confederate officer who met with President Abraham Lincoln in Washington, D.C., to discuss Georgia withdrawing from the Confederacy.

Traced with Fire, Written in Blood is a 6" by 9" hardback book of more than 200 pages featuring more than 150 photographs, many never before published in book form. 



We Shall Die Together
and Forty-Four Other Stories of Turmoil, Tragedy and Triumph in Georgia

Softcover – $24.95
ISBN: 1-880816-23-7
Publisher: Legacy Communications
If you love Georgia history, We Shall Die Together is a must-read.  This 6"x9" softcover book of more than 370 pages includes 200 fascinating photographs - many never before published in book form - an presents 45 stories of Turmoil, Tragedy & Triumph in Georgia through the centuries.  You'll enjoy reading about Georgians who sailed into history on the ill-fated Titanic, those who experienced the horrific freight train derailment and propane tanker explosion that shattered the countryside at a popular picnicking area near Savannah in 1959, and endured the historic hurricane that ravaged Brunswick and the Golden Isles in 1898.  This book is packed with gripping tales of terrible times of bushwackings, massacres, and betrayals, yet also tells uplifting stories of loyalty, honor and perseverance.  
Georgia's Army Air Fields of World War II

Softcover – Price: $14.95
ISBN: 0-9643388-3-1
Publisher: M. L. Shettle, Jr.
This 140-page, 11"x8.5" book, Georgia's Army Air Fields of World War II, includes more than 200 rare World War II vintage photographs, many published for the first time, of Georgia airfields, facilities, aircraft, and personnel.  A wide variety of aircraft are pictured, from trainers to fighters to bombers, including classics like the SBD Dauntless, B-17 Flying Fortress, B-24 Liberator, B-25 Mitchell, B-29 Superfortress, P-39 Airacobra, P-40 Warhawk, and P-51 Mustang.  Featured are 22 airfields and bases from Atlanta to Albany and Thomasville to Waycross.


The Idiat & the Odd-yssey 


The Idiat and the Odd-yssey
Softcover – Price: $20.00
ISBN: 978-0-9744063-1-2
Publisher: Crawdad Studio & Gallery
The Idiat & the Odd-yssey is the story of one man's epic quest to catalogue Georgia's heritage of global place names.  Adventurous Georgians will delight in Odyfferous's Homeric journey through International Georgia, visiting towns like Dublin, Berlin, Geneva, and Rome.  In fact, he journeyed to 70 towns and communities in Georgia, managing in the process to find pyramids in Cairo, an acutal barber shop in Seveille, and a shroud in Turin.  You'll enjoy Odyfferous's sometimes caustic but always observant eye, and you'll appreciate the irony, rusticity, and beauty captured through his photography.  Printed in an 8.9” by 5.8” inch format, 128 pages.
Southern Railway System Southern Railway System
Softcover – Price: $34.95
ISBN: 0-9615257-8-9
Publisher: Albert M. Langley, Jr.
All aboard! No railroad enthusiast’s library will be complete without this richly illustrated, soft-cover, 140-page volume featuring more than 175 vintage photographs (many previously unpublished). This book includes a complete Southern Railway System history, thorough steam and diesel coverage, maps, time tables, and engine and passenger train details. Coverage includes both freight and passenger service with memorable Southern Railway elements like the Queen & Crescent Routes, Memphis Special, Carolina Special, and the Florida Sunbeam.  Printed on heavy coated stock in an 8 ½ x 11 inch format.
Tales Of The Rails Tales of the Rails
Softcover – Price: $23.00  Now $15.00
ISBN: 1-880816-19-9
Publisher: Legacy Communications
One of Legacy Communications’ newest books – Tales Of The Rails – documents the history of the railroads in Georgia from the earliest days up through the mid-20th century. This fascinating publication is 190 pages in length with 185 historic photos and maps documenting the unique occurrences, rail disasters, and colorful history of this transportation industry.
For railroad history enthusiasts, this book is a must. Within its 190 pages are documented much of the railroading history of Georgia from the earliest days. Read about the Western & Atlantic Railroad; the “Great Locomotive Chase;” early railroad centers such as Kingston and Atlanta; early rail disasters such as the wreck of the Royal Palm in Rockmart; detailed accounts of early mountain rail lines such as the fabled Tallulah Falls Railroad; and much more. This captivating publication includes an array of historic photographs and early maps, as well as hiking and driving tours guiding the reader back to these historic sites today.
Georgia's Doc Holliday Georgia's Doc Holliday
Softcover – Price: $15.00
ISBN: 0-9776988-0-7
Publisher: Whippoorwill Publications
Georgia’s Doc Holliday – Mr. Jackson’s most recent contribution to the Georgia history realm – documents the life, experiences, family members, homes and former haunts of this famous gunman from the Old West who was born in Georgia. Travel with the author as he journeys back to these historic sites, many of which still exist today in Georgia and out West in Texas, Colorado and Arizona.
Travel with the author as he takes the reader to the sites in Georgia where Holliday lived, played and was educated as a child. Learn about his family and the mystery and intrigue in Georgia surrounding this fabled gunman and gambler from yesteryear. Read about the sites out West where Holliday caroused and cheated death on more than one occasion in his exciting adventures. Learn about the hotels in which he lived and the saloons in which he worked and gambled (some of which are still standing today) and the many escapades he experienced in his brief 36 years of life. Includes an exclusive long-lost and recently re-discovered article from a newspaper published in 1899 which may very well settle a number of long-standing arguments about Holliday’s life which have been in question since his death. Includes some 70 captivating photographs, some of which have not been previously published.

Still Small Voices

Still Small Voices
Softcover – Price: $35.00
ISBN: 1-880816-24-5
Publisher: Legacy Communications Inc.
Look through the lens and listen to the quiet voices of nature as photographer Marc Del Santro and writer Ann Foskey take you on a journey into the heart of Georgia’s last wild places. From dunes shaped by glacial winds to bogs, swamps, ravines, and remnant prairies, Georgia is blessed with an abundant natural heritage. This exquisite collection of photographs, poetry and prose captures the essence of Georgia’s natural history from the mountains to the coast, as seen in the series Still Small Voices, featured in Georgia Backroads magazine. Carefully crafted and elegantly designed, this heirloom-quality book is sure to be a classic. Printed in an 9 ½” by 9 ½” inch format, 150 pages.