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Georgia history, scenic attractions and Southern lifestyles
Welcome to Georgia Backroads, a premier magazine about Georgia history, nature, travel, and lifestyles. If you're interested in Georgia history, our natural environment, travel, or if you simply enjoy excellent writing and superb photography (with a minimum of advertising), you'll love Georgia Backroads.  We're glad you're here and hope you'll enjoy browsing through samples of our articles.  Georgia Backroads - Everything Georgia!

Subscription Only  Beginning with the Autumn 2022 issue, Georgia Backroads is available by subscription only.  Previously, the magazine had been available in many stores, but recent substantial price increases by distributors made it necessary to make this change. We regret any inconvenience to readers who traditionally purchased copies at retail outlets. We invite you to subscribe.  You can do so by Subscribing or by calling us toll free at 1-800-547-1625. We appreciate and thank you for your patronage.

Current Issue (late November 2022 to late February 2023)

Winter 2022Winter 2022
• The Rowdy Days and Ways of Lewis Grizzard
• Vanishing Georgia: Streetcars
• Jennie Berry's Roman Odyssey
• General Alfred H. Colquitt
• The Atlantan Who Rode with Custer
• Historic Rural Churches:  Camp Meetings

• Mary Ann Anderson's "Soul of a Southerner"
• The Cost of Living Free
• Jingle All the Savannah
• Mosquito Crossing Memories
• Scull Shoals
• Genuine Georgia Backroads: Old Gaol to Eagle Tavern
• Civil War Portrait                              
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Recent Issues 

Autumn 2022Autumn 2022
• Oscar Wilde in Georgia
• Georgia Sailors
• Tech's Ramblin' Wreck

• Uga Dawgs
• Sleeping Beneath Seashells
• A Uniform of Gray
• Georgia Penitentiary
• Soul of a Southerner

Summer 2022Summer 2022
• Aaron Burr in Georgia
• Louisville's Old Market
• Plane & Train Crash 1948

• 1804 Hurricane
• Old Charley the Fifer
• Corra Harris Goes to War
• Top Ten Novels about Georgia
• Soul of a Southerner

Spring 2022Spring 2022
• George Perry's Big Catch
• The Dirt on Eating Clay
• Marion Post's '30s Photos

• Ohoopee Evensong
• Okefenokee Queen
• Amos Akerman
• Murder of Clellian Chalker
• Soul of a Southerner

Winter 2021Winter 2021
• Emory's Gravity Problem
• Leopold's Ice Cream Shop
• Opera Houses

• Washington's 1791 Tour
• Pinhoti Trail
• Townsend Mill
• Voice of a Race Unloosed
• Soul of a Southerner
Autumn 2021Autumn 2021
• Tale of Two Pandemics
• 1837 Jesse Bunkley Case
• Drake Murder in Jefferson

• Don Juan Madrazo's Slaves
• Thomasville & Presidents
• Dalton's Hamilton Spring
• Georgia's Smallest Town
• Soul of a Southerner
Summer 2021Summer 2021
• Terry Kay's "Lay-By Time"
• Scots Highlanders Arrive
• Nuclear Missiles in GA

• A Wrestler Remembers
• 1909 Murder Trial
• A Cruel Revolution
• Barnesville to Talbotton
• Soul of a Southerner
Spring 2021Spring 2021
• Terry Kay's "Reunion"
• VG: Jack Delano Photography
• Killing Fields
• Wizard from Omega
• For the Relief of Paupers
• To the Gallows
• Boy Scout Adventures
• Soul of a Southerner

Winter 2020Winter 2020
• Celestine Sibley
• VG: The Family
• Minnie Hauk to Americus
• Aumuculle Massacre of 1818
• Fort Mountain Talc Mines
• Fort Pulaski Yankees
• HRCGA Tilley Bend Baptist
• Soul of a Southerner
Autumn 2020Autumn 2020
• Janiesse Ray "Old Cemeteries"
• VG: The Corner Drug Store
• Pinesap & Black Magic
• Liberty National Bank
• Why GA is the Peach State
• Musical Greats
• HRCGA Travelers Rest
• Soul of a Southerner
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 Our Books

Still Small Voices

Still Small Voices
Softcover – Price: $35.00  Now $25.00
ISBN: 1-880816-24-5
Publisher: Legacy Communications Inc.
Look through the lens and listen to the quiet voices of nature as photographer Marc Del Santro and writer Ann Foskey take you on a journey into the heart of Georgia’s last wild places. From dunes shaped by glacial winds to bogs, swamps, ravines, and remnant prairies, Georgia is blessed with an abundant natural heritage. This exquisite collection of photographs, poetry and prose captures the essence of Georgia’s natural history from the mountains to the coast, as seen in the series Still Small Voices, featured in Georgia Backroads magazine. Carefully crafted and elegantly designed, this heirloom-quality book is sure to be a classic. Printed in an 9 ½” by 9 ½” inch format, 150 pages.
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Sample Articles

Georgia's Ten Best NovelsTen Best Novels About Georgia
Our 2009 ranking of the Ten Best Novels About Georgia, from Gone With the Wind to The Beloved Invader.
Song of the Plowman's DreamSong of the Plowman's Dream - By Terry Kay
Monotony while plowing behind a mule gave Georgia's mountain poet Byron Herbert Reece the time and inspiration necessary to create words of art.
Children of the LoomChildren of the Loom
• At the dawn of a new century, children were put to work in Georgia's textile mills.  The story of child labor through the stunning photography of Lewis Wickes Hine.