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Georgia Backroads YouTube videos tell stories from the back roads about Georgia history, natural history, places of signficance and travel destinations. We sometimes delve into things behind the scenes, as we develop new issues or consider and build on matters from old ones. Choose a video or two.  We hope you enjoy our YouTube content:

1. Intersection - One Red Maple Tree
 on Taylors Ridge, Chattooga County
2. Murmurings and Pestilence
Rocky Face Ridge

3. The End of Putnam
Marion County
4. The Fate of Rasho Crane
Andersonville Prison
5. Choosing a Georgia Backroads Cover
Spring 2023 Issue
6. Winter Rain on Wolf Ridge
Big Frog Wilderness Area
7. They Aren't Trail Trees!
Those bent trees in Georgia's woods.
8. A Rebel's Charge at Chickamauga
An Alabama lieutenant remembers.
9. Sing Highway 156
As you weave through countryside.

10. Aaron Burr Never Slept Here
Why Warthen's historic markers are wrong.
11. He was Ours and We Lost Him
Brunswick buddies reunited on Iwo Jima.
12. Bushwhacking the Anomaly
Searching for a mountain map peculiarity.
13. Sulphur on Fire Pink
Words may be worth a thousand pictures.

14. The Ruin of Estelle
Where was this 1908 photo taken?

15. Disperse, Ye Rebels!
Why did Loyalists oppose independence?
16. The Truth
Georgia mountain photos may tell the truth.
17. The Whole Truth
Sometimes photos tell the whole truth.
18. Nothing But The Truth
But photos seldom tell nothing but the truth.
19. Finding the Right Cover Photo
Choosing a cover photo can be complicated.
20. Only the Dead Can Speak
With Tongues of Fire (General Lytle)

21. The Creation Song of William Bartram
An explorer's hymn of praise to the Almighty